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I am pleased to share some of our reviews here. If you would like any physiotherapy treatment, please do get in touch to see how I can help you.

Mobility and proprioception

Thank you so much for all your help over the last few weeks. It has been great to have effective treatment, advice and encouragement, as well as permission to 'force the envelope'. I'll endeavour to continue to work on mobility and proprioception.


Strengthening legs after operation

I was adamant that pre op I wanted to keep up my exercise regime and Jo was very knowledgeable in terms of helping me understand what I could continue with and helped me explore some activities I had not considered.

I am now post op and well on the road to recovery using Jo now to regain my muscle mass and strengthen my leg.

I cannot recommend Jo highly enough she is extremely knowledgeable and there is nothing she does not know about how the body works. Her service is friendly and she makes you feel at ease completely in her fab centre.


Physio for knee pain

I heard about Jo from a friend at work, so when I started cycling again this year and having some pain in my knees I thought I would see if phsyio could help. I have a long term knee problem that had never been properly explained to me. Jo has really helped me, and finally I understand what the problem is with my knees and how to counteract it! Jo is very knowledgeable and clearly has a true interest in what she does. I am really glad I decided to visit Back on Track, I thoroughly recommend Jo !


Physio treatment

There have been many occasion over the last 10 years + where Jo has been able to get rid of my pain, get me functioning again as a high level netballer and laterally as a mum. Always a personal friendly service, completely honest if she is not able to help you will always refer to someone who can or suggest a GP visit. I never feel ripped off as Jo assesses you each time before deciding if you need a further treatment, I have never experienced the "it will take 5 sessions to fix you" attitude. Sometimes it takes just one treatment others depending on the issue a few more. I feel in safe hands, totally relaxed, I completely trust Jo and recommend her to all my friends and family. Over the years I see Jo more as a friend than my physio.


Marathon PB

Thank you Jo, with your help and guidance with my knee injury I managed to smash my PB and keep my training on track. I promise to keep up my strength training and foam rolling! 

K. Ower


The pain down my arms were keeping me up at night and I was really worried there was something seriously wrong. You took the time to listen to me when others had not. We decided to use my private medical insurance and send me for some further tests. I was able to sit down with the consultant you recommended and he explained that we should try physio with yourself and I am very pleased that I did. I can now do what I want, sleep well and not worry. Thank you Jo. 

M. Collis 

ACL tear rehabilitation- conservatively managed 

Thank you so much for helping me with my knee!!

It means so much to me to be playing football again and with the hope that I won't come back to you again I thought you deserved something. 

Footballer Age 18. 

Circular saw accident - severed tendons in ankle

I am very grateful to Jo for the physio that she gave me on my foot.
My injury involved cut tendons that were repaired and after a course of exercises ,and visits to Jo, my movement has much improved, and will get back to normal as I continue the exercises that she gave me. Over the course of the treatment Jo has been very thorough, and was able to start the treatment soon after I came out of the plastic boot. Thanks again for helping me get back on my feet.

Mr A Fletcher

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