Your Visit


You will attend a 45 minute appointment initially, if you think you require longer, this can be arranged. Emphasis will be placed on a detailed initial interview/ informal chat about your presenting problem, what happened? Any change to training, work, lifestyle that might be causing or ‘driving’ your injury/ discomfort.

The assessment will progress to a more functional look at how you move and your alignment and then onto more focused strength and joint mobility tests. All the time I will be asking for your input and you can raise any questions you have. Once the tests have been carried out, we should have a good idea of your issues and how best to deal with them. This is when we make a plan.

The plan might be a change in training, a change in postures, gait retraining and cues, specific or global strengthening, joint mobilisations, myofascial release to name a few options. The treatment plan will involve your and my input and your lifestyle/ time demands will be discussed to make sure we can achieve optimal results.

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