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If you have an acute sports injury, you will require immediate intervention to reduce the impact of injury on your body and surrounding tissues- this enables you to recover quicker. The treatments, according to how “chronic” (old) and “acute” (new) your injury is, may initially involve the PRICER regime and early strengthening advice.

Chronic injuries (those that have been around a while) that are not healing on there own require a different approach. Everyday work positions/ training regimes may be aggravating the problem or it could be something you’re not doing- i.e. specific strengthening. Aggravations could be repetitive strain at work, poor posture, altered biomechanics, poor footwear or bad training habits to name a few.

Back on Track will target your injury at each healing stage with specific exercise/stretching/manual therapy and electrotherapy interventions to help speed your recovery from injury and prevent from reoccurrence.

Not injured; just working to hard?


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If you are a runner, cyclist, football or rugby player, tennis or squash player- you like others know what it is to have tired legs. This lower limb (leg!) massage will specifically target tight areas on your hamstrings, quads, gluteals/ hips and calfs. This will involve initially lying on your front, side and then back. This is not a “superficial” massage and will focus upon tight areas breaking down scar tissue and tight myofascia. The routine will end after muscle groups have been actively stretched by the therapist.

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You need to keep your handicap down. Golf requires nearly all the joints in the body to be loose and supple. The golf conditioning treatments will focus upon mobility through the thorax via deep tissue massage techniques and active stretching in the specific golf position. This will promote flexibility up through the spine and symmetry of swing.

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Are your back, forearms, arms and quads burning by the second heat? And especially the day after? You may benefit from a lymphatic massage used to reduce lactate build up and get that forearm less “pumped”! This treatment is also ideal for any post sport event soreness.

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Ideal for any racket sport player, or manual worker. Emphasis is placed upon the upper body and especially the deep and superficial muscles around the front and back of the shoulder and up into the neck. Posture analysis and muscle testing will foresee any problems that may cause should injury i.e. rotator cuff degeneration, shoulder impingement.

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To improve flexibility for sport or general wellbeing. The therapist will target specific areas of muscle and fascial tightness by posture analysis and muscle length tests. Techniques such as “contract/ relax” muscle energy techniques are the treatment choices that are especially effective and will help to reduce inappropriately high muscle tone. Useful for those with muscle spasms, generalised tightness or needs a hand getting an improved range of movement. Popular also as a pre and post event regime.

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Ideal for those computer users, drivers or those stressed! Tension throughout the shoulders can contribute to headaches and stiff and painful necks. Starting with lying on your front, this treatment will focus on trouble spots, starting initially with gentle strokes leading to “trigger points” dry needling and ending on your back with gentle stretches to help mobilise the spinal joints allowing you relax your shoulders.

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Guide 30 mins


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